Flock-film for sublimation printing

Subli-Flock is a 400 micron heat transfer flock-film for sublimation printing and plotter cutting. Subli-Flock is a 100% polyester micro-flock that is light, stretchable and has superb print results...

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TTS to surprise everyone at FESPA with an impressive range of products

Visitors to the TTS stand at FESPA in Hamburg, Germany (8 – 12 May), will be surprised at the many products demonstrated by this expert in transfer print media and printable textiles...

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Market for printing textiles for visual communication reverts to transfer paper

TTS notices that more and more printer manufacturers are departing from the direction they took several years ago. At that time, they decided to develop only 320-cm machines...

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New digital printable transfer release film HCS100/2C-DPR

The HCS100/2C-DPR transfer release film is intended for producing digitally printed transfers where the colours are laser printed. The transfer is finished by printing a hot-melt layer with silk screen printing...

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TTS launches new printable textiles on C!Print

TTS will be launching several new printable textiles and Evolution at the C!Print In Lyon, France. In addition, visitors can take notice of the complete range of TTS...

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Evolution: non woven for uv printing

Evolution is an innovative non woven with coating of 140 gsm. A competitively priced textile with B1 certification and the white coating makes it suitable for printing with UV...

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Microfiber towel with hydrophilic finish

Towel is a 100% polyester microfiber of ±190 gsm and particularly good for dye sublimation transfer printing. The fine structure of the Towel makes it suitable for cleaning glasses...

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100% lightproof textile with black backside

New from Texo Trade Services: Blackback block out textile. Blackback is a 100% lightproof textile with black backside ideal for textile frames and exhibition stand finishing.

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TTS and Figarol join forces in 5 m wide sublimation market

Win-win situation for distributor and producer: TTS and Figarol developed the optimum system and media to produce 5 m wide direct-to-textile sublimation prints...

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Printable non woven carpet with anti-slip backing

TTS brings a new promotional carpet to the market: Carpet 820. The number refers to the weight per square meter: 820 gram...

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Create 3m wide tent structures out of one piece

TTS introduces Heavy Tent XL, a new polyester textile that enables you to create tent structures such as pop up tents or professional tents of 3 meters wide, out of one piece...

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TTS shows textile media on drupa 2016

During Drupa 2016 TTS will show printable textile media for UV curable inks. TTS will be present at the AGFA Graphics stand B62 in Hall 8A...

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Apron Blend for aprons and work wear

TTS introduces a new unique textile product for producing aprons or work wear clothing...

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New textile for pillows or furniture coverings

Wouldn't it be great if you can produce your own pillows or furniture coverings? TTS introduces a new unique textile product to increase your product range...

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World premier: 5 meter Pearl Lightbox

TTS launches 5-metre-wide textile for indoor light boxes at FESPA Digital...

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Sublimation paper 57 g/m2 for fashion and interior textile

SX10X is a 57 g/m² paper that combines a unique base paper structure and the best dye sublimation coating for water-based sublimation inks...

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TTS: the world's only supplier of 5m wide protection paper

TTS, the leading expert in transfer print media and printable textiles, is the only company in the world to supply 5-meter-wide protective paper...

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Pearl Lightbox 5m

Pearl lightbox now available in 510 cm roll width

The best-selling textile Pearl Lightbox is now also available in 510 cm roll width...

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New acoustic textile for function and design

Silencio is a new acoustic textiles that combines functional and aesthetic properties in a unique way...

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New 3D reflective laser cutting film

TTS introduces a new 3D reflective film for laser cutting in silver and black of 1 mm thick...

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Textile for bean bags, pillows and outdoor furniture

Heavy Tent can be used for producing professional tent structures but also for bean bags, lounge pillow and outdoor furniture.

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TTS first on market with reflective transfer films for digital printing

TTS comes with a scoop: reflective heat-seal transfer films especially suitable for digital print and cutting machines.

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Tacky sublimation paper now available in 111cm

To dye sublimate sportswear or apparel you most likely need a sticky or tacky dye sublimation...

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New instant hot-peel transfer release film

We are very pleased to introduce a new PolyTrans® Transfer Release Film that can be removed directly after opening the transfer press.

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Printing cotton with sublimation transfer

TTS makes digital printing on cotton, linen and silk less expensive and simpler.

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New Non Woven Felt for dye sublimation transfer

TTS has added a new Non Woven to the Texofabrics range, the Non Woven Felt.

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New Hammer-in strip makes confection unnecessary

TTS has developed a new strip which makes confection for textile frames unnecessary.

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New catalogue for accessoires

TTS has expanded the range of accessories for flag finishing with amongst others; beachflag band elastic, flag band with fold...

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FESPA 2016 in Amsterdam

From 8-11 March TTS will exhibit at the largest focused event for the wide printing industry; the FESPA 2016 in Amsterdam.

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C!Print 2016 in Paris

TTS will again exhibit next year at the C!Print held in Paris from 26-28 January in 2016.

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New accountmanager for Germany

Af of October 26 TTS has expanded her Sales team with Ab Dihi. Ab has 3,5 years experience in selling small-format...

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New lightbox textile on 505 cm

Lightbox Soft knitted is designed especially for backlit use due to it's excellent light diffusion properties. The knitted composition...

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New website for TTS

We are excited to announce the launch or our new website, along with a fresh new look.

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