Make yourself visible during winter with our reflective cutting films

October 2017

Winter is coming and with it short and dark days. TTS has the solution to keep you visible and safe during this time with our Silver reflective cutting films.

Silver Reflective Cutting Films

Our silver reflective cutting films are suitable for use on safety garments and work and sportswear. With a brightness of 500 cd/lux/m2 the reflective material helps enhance the visibility of the wearer at night or when there are low light conditions. All silver reflective cutting films are EN471 Class II certified and available in rolls of 50 cm x 25 m.

Reflective SuperStretch

The HCS100/1-SRC is an economic reflective cutting film with SuperStretch. The SuperStretch makes is very suitable for use on stretch fabrics.

Reflective EasyCut

The HCS100/1-SRC-WB has very good cutting and weeding properties, especially for small details. The EasyCut is economically priced.

Reflective EasyCut & EasyTransfer

The HCS100/1-SRC-A-WB has a backing coated with a sticky layer to facilitate easy cutting and easy weeding. The EasyCut & EasyTransfer and can be applied with a one step process.

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