Sublimation paper 57 g/m2 for fashion and interior textile

July 2016

SX10X is especially designed for end-users who do not only demand a light-weight paper but also a paper with a high transfer efficiency, which is universal applicable and thus lowering your total cost of use.

Distinct advantages of SX10X are:

  • Perfect runability on both plotters and high speed industrial printers
  • Unique coating formula that ensures minimum cockling
  • Sharp, high contour printing with no bleeding
  • Smooth run through in a calander
  • Extremely high transfer yield for vibrant colours

The biggest advantage of SX10X is its total cost of use, a single paper grade can fit your applications.

SX10X is available in rolls jumbo reels or 1,62 x 1000m, 1,62 x 400 m, 3,20 x 400 m.
Further we offer to convert for you any other roll length on demand in our own converting service.

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