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Phoenext, large in textile printing

From Ajax football flags, scarfs for the André Rieu fan base, Nick & Simon pillows, oven gloves to sleep masks – you name it, Phoenext makes it. They relied on the transfer sublimation expertise of Mimaki dealer Texo Trade Service (TTS) and have installed the new high-speed JV150-160, on top of optimizing their Mimaki TS34-1800A. "The printer now runs at a higher speed and consumes less ink."

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Markthal Rotterdam, the printing of the decorated aluminium panels

September 2017
Shopping, working, living and going out under a forty-metre high arch. For the decorated aluminium 'Markthal' panels they used a special printing process that is based on sublimation...
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Market for printing textiles for visual communication reverts to transfer paper

August 2017
TTS notices that more and more printer manufacturers are departing from the direction they took several years ago. At that time, they decided to develop only 320-cm machines...
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New digital printable transfer release film HCS100/2C-DPR

The HCS100/2C-DPR transfer release film is intended for producing digitally printed transfers where the colours are laser printed. The transfer is finished by printing a hot-melt...
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