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Reflective transfers

Reflective transfers

In cooperation with coating specialists, TTS has developed the product range of reflective polyester transfer films that meet the highest requirements on the market. 

These reflective products cover alle available techniques for reflective transfers for sportwear, fashion, work and saftey clothing, including foils that are certified to EN471 Class II.

Article nr.ApplicationDescriptionPDF
HCS125/1-CRsilkscreenclear reflective transfer film for multi-color reflective transfers. ± 50-100 cd.luxHCS125/1-CR
HCS125/1-CRAsilkscreenclear reflective transfer film adhesive for multi-color reflective transfers. The adhesive carrier film gives enhanced flatness. ± 50-100 cd.luxHCS125/1-CRA
HCS100/1-SRsilkscreensilver reflective transfer film for silver reflective transfers. ± 300 cd.luxHCS100/1-SR
& cutting
silver reflective printable transfer film. EN471 class II certified. Silkscreen on reflective side and cut with laser or kiss-cutting.HCS100/1-SRP
HCS100/1-SRCcuttingsilver reflective cutting transfer film. EN471 class II certified. Super elastic transfer ready for reflective flex.HCS100/1-SRC
HCS100/1-SRC-WBcuttingsilver reflective cutting transfer film easy weed. EN471 class II certified. Transfer ready reflective flex for easy cutting and weeding.HCS100/1-SRC-WB
STDC10-WRprint & cutwhite reflective transfer film print & cut. ± 150 cd.luxSTDC10-WR
SRDC10-SRprint & cutsilver reflective transfer film print & cut. ± 300 cd.luxSTDC10-SR
HCS100/1-SRC-3D-SILVERcutting3D silver reflective cutting transfer film. ± 500 cd.luxHCS100/1-SRC-3D-SILVER
HCS100/1-SRC-3D-BLACKcutting3D black reflective cutting transfer film. ± 350 cd.luxHCS100/1-SRC-3D-BLACK

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