Textile finishing

Textile frame finishing

Textile frame finishing

Aluminum textile frames for easy tensioning of printed textile prints are becoming more and more popular. The textile is stretched in to the frame and fixed by a strip.

TTS offers a range of strips in different sizes in PVC and Silicone that can be sewed onto the textile. We also offer a strips that don't need confection, such as a self-adhesive and hammer-in strip.

Article nr. Material Description JPEG
A2070 PVC PVC strip flat, transparent blue A2070
A2070-BM PVC PVC strip flat for beMatrix frames, transparent A2070BM
A2170 Polyprop Polyprop strip flat white A2170
A2170-SA Polyprop Polyprop strip flat self-adhesive transparent A2170SA
A2175 TPE TPE strip flat, transparent A2175
A2085 PVC PVC strip flat elastic, white A2085
A2275 Silicone Silicone strip flat, semi-transparent A2275
A2060 PVC PVC strip hammer-in 12x7mm, transparent blue A2060
A2060 PVC PVC strip hammer-in 12x7mm, aluminium A2060
A2060 PVC PVC strip hammer-in 15x5mm, aluminium A2060
A2030 PVC PVC strip round flag, transparent blue A2030
A2050 PVC PVC strip round, transparent A2050
A2300 Polyester Strip pull-up band, transparent A2300


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