Main image Printing cotton with sublimation transfer

Printing cotton with sublimation transfer

TTS makes digital printing on cotton, linen and silk less expensive and simpler.

Subli-Lining 40

TTS introduces the Subli-Lining, an interlining which makes it possible to print natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk with sublimation transfer. The results are deep and vivid colors, it is washing machine proof and abrasion resistant without changing the appearance and hand of the fabric.

Lower production costs, higher margins

Subli-Lining is the solution for creative companies in fashion and interior textiles to print natural fabrics with sublimation transfer without reactive inks and an expensive wash-, steam-, and dry installation. Subli-Lining can help you increase your margins and lower your productions costs because all you need is a calendar and transfer paper.

How it works

The 100% polyester interlining of 40 g/m2 is provided with a ''hot-melt'' on one side, the rough side. By placing the Subli-Lining with the hot-melt side facing the natural fabric and transfer paper on top of the Subli-Lining the fabrics can be laminated together. The ink from the sublimation paper will be transferred to the polyester interlining. After this a treatment is not necessary what is a major advantage compared to using reactive ink. Because the Subli-Lining is very thin and flexible, the feeling and natural appearance of the base material remains. This makes Subli-Lining very suitable for the production of fashion fabrics and interior textiles such as pillows and window decoration.

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