Main image Screen printing paper NCP105 replaces T105

Screen printing paper NCP105 replaces T105

T105 is no longer available. Luckily we have an equal alternative:

NCP105, the two sides printable transfer paper for plastisol inks for a competitive price. This stable and siliconized release paper guarantees an excellent ink adherence and ink release, which makes it suited for multi-colour transfers with an extended shelf-life.
Both sides are coated identical, but still there can be minimal differences in release between the front and back side.


  • Product reference: NCP105
  • Paper weight: 105 g/m
  • Printing side: Identical release coating on both sides
  • Release: Medium ink release
  • Peel: We recommend cold peel
  • Packaging:
    Sheets -50x70 cm and 100x70 cm
    250 sheets per packaging
    20.000 sheets 50x70 cm per pallet
    10.000 sheets 100x70 cm per pallet

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