Glass clear transfer film

Article number HCS100/1-GC

Glass clear transfer film

Article number HCS100/1-GC
Glossy Finish
Thermo Stabilized
No curling edges
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HCS100/1-GC is an one side release coated crystal clear polyester for plastisol, polyurethane and water-based inks. Transfers printed on this thermo stabilised and anti-static film are very easy to position on the fabric.


Available sheet size 50 x 70 cm
Base material PET Film
Coating silkscreen Glass clear film with release coating one side
Compatible inks Plastisol, Solvent-based PU, Water-based
Peel force Medium
Printing side Indicated side
Peel type Cold-peel
Stability Thermo stabilised with anti-static treatment
Thickness base film 100 micron
Transfer finish Glossy



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