Our team

Image for Floris-Jan van den Heuvel
Floris-Jan van den Heuvel
Image for Niels Vissers
Niels Vissers
Director of operations
Image for Matte van Aalderen
Matte van Aalderen
Commercial Director
Image for Ingrid Kramer
Ingrid Kramer
Manager Marketing & Communication
Image for Jessica Langstraat
Jessica Langstraat
HR Manager
Image for Olivier Dussine
Olivier Dussine
Area Manager France
Image for Kai Klabunde
Kai Klabunde
Sales Germany (ex plz 0,1 und 9)
Image for Karsten Lempa
Karsten Lempa
Sales Poland, Germany (plz 0,1 and 9), Austria and Switzerland
Image for Michel Prins
Michel Prins
Sales Belgium & The Netherlands
Image for Sebastiaan Jongeneel
Sebastiaan Jongeneel
Sales Scandinavia and Benelux
Image for Elco Benard
Elco Benard
Image for Qhays Koshkaki
Qhays Koshkaki
Sales Eastern Europe, Spain and Portugal
Image for Otto Eijck
Otto Eijck
Sales The Netherlands, Belgium & UK
Image for Julien Servat
Julien Servat
Business Developer France
Image for Christophe Spies
Christophe Spies
Sales France & Swiss
Image for Jean Meijboom
Jean Meijboom
Manager Inside Sales
Image for Paul  van den Berg
Paul van den Berg
Senior Inside Sales Support
Image for Mark van den Berg
Mark van den Berg
Inside Sales Support
Image for Erik de Koning
Erik de Koning
Senior Inside Sales Support
Image for Elise Blijleven
Elise Blijleven
Senior Inside Sales Support
Image for Arjan van Venrooij
Arjan van Venrooij
Inside Sales Support
Image for Jamie van Waas
Jamie van Waas
Inside Sales Support
Image for Saliha Karaca
Saliha Karaca
Inside Sales Support
Image for Sanne Markus
Sanne Markus
Inside Sales Support
Image for Jonneke Vroegindeweij
Jonneke Vroegindeweij
Inside Sales Support
Image for Sarah Schouten
Sarah Schouten
Inside Sales Support
Image for Jannett Kern
Jannett Kern
Sales Support Germany
Image for Stephanie Stasitzek
Stephanie Stasitzek
Image for Anja Eckloff
Anja Eckloff
Image for Simon Supusepa
Simon Supusepa
Quality Manager
Image for Brendy Versluis
Brendy Versluis
Product Manager & Buyer
Image for Heleen Schipper
Heleen Schipper
After Sales & Support
Image for Jeffrey Jeroense
Jeffrey Jeroense
Technical Support
Image for Ron Groenendijk
Ron Groenendijk
Maintenance Mechanic
Image for Monica van Beek
Monica van Beek
Application Administrator
Image for Christa Van den Bovenkamp
Christa Van den Bovenkamp
Image for Frédèrique-Sophie Bulk
Frédèrique-Sophie Bulk
Image for Elleke Leijten
Elleke Leijten
Purchase and Converting
Image for Jennifer Lugt
Jennifer Lugt
Purchase and Converting
Image for Milena Nalbancheva
Milena Nalbancheva
Purchase Support
Image for Simone Berger
Simone Berger
Teamleader Finance
Image for Wendy  de Bruijn
Wendy de Bruijn
Finance Controller
Image for Olga Peterse
Olga Peterse
Image for Aletha van den Ende
Aletha van den Ende
Image for Esther Tromp
Esther Tromp
Finance Assistent
Image for Babett Kosa
Babett Kosa
HR Assistent
Image for Pieter den Rooijen
Pieter den Rooijen
Warehouse Manager
Image for Remco van Hooidonk
Remco van Hooidonk
Coordinator Logistics
Image for Kris Moerli
Kris Moerli
Logistics administration
Image for Silas de Wit
Silas de Wit
Teamleader Warehouse
Image for Davy van Randeraad
Davy van Randeraad
Image for Patrick Schakel
Patrick Schakel
Image for Johan Burgwal
Johan Burgwal
Image for Anand Madho
Anand Madho
Image for Donny Vlaming
Donny Vlaming
Image for Stef Gelderblom
Stef Gelderblom
Image for Rick Flux
Rick Flux
Image for Johan van Waas
Johan van Waas
Image for Jordy Rook
Jordy Rook
Image for Gad Admiraal
Gad Admiraal
Image for Ron van den Berg
Ron van den Berg
Paper Converter
Image for Leontine Hagendoorn
Leontine Hagendoorn
Image for Maria de Pater
Maria de Pater
Image for Hannah Supusepa
Hannah Supusepa
Image for Henk Starreveld
Henk Starreveld
Image for Bertus Slagboom
Bertus Slagboom
Image for Arjan Berkouwer
Arjan Berkouwer
Image for Henk Rijnsburger
Henk Rijnsburger
Image for Jan Dolfing
Jan Dolfing

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