TTS Green Textiles

TTS Green Textiles is our fabric line containing sustainable fabrics made from GRS or PREPREVE® certified recycled PET yarn. With this range, we want to help our customers run their businesses in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

100% recycled yarn

The yarn used in the production for our recycled textiles is sustainably produced from recycled plastic bottles without compromising the properties of the textiles. The plastic bottles are washed, heated and then spun to serve as recycled yarn.


The use of PET bottles reduces the amount of plastic waste and the energy consumption required. This results directly in a reduction of CO2 emissions. When you choose TTS Green Textiles, you contribute to a more sustainable future. All our eco-friendly products consist of 100% recycled polyester.

Green Textiles

Within our recycled range, TTS has a wide selection of fabrics that are suitable for textile frames, outdoor banners, lightboxes, fleece blankets and flags. Click here to see the complete recyled range. 


All our recycled fabrics consist of 100% recycled polyester. When you choose green textiles, you contribute to a more sustainable future. 


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