An essential tool for retail and stand construction

Textiles are being used more and more in retail and on exhibition stands, and attaching these cloths to Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) frames can be a daunting task. The SegRollR will make this a lot easier!


No more fingerpain, wrinkles and it's fast. 



Easy of use

Place the new tendon cloth on the frame, roll with the SegRollR along the frame and the cloth is secured. Attaching is done quickly, you do not need to use force to push the cloth in and is therefore more efficient. The wheel has a handy edge for extra grip. In addition, the material is thin enough to go between the fabric and frame.


The tool is made of synthetic material and the wheel of nylon. The SegRollR weighs 33 grams and is therefore light enough to take to on-site installations such as in showrooms or exhibition stands.


Available at TTS

TTS is main distributor of the SegRollR. The SegRollR is available :


per 1 pcs € 24,50


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