Textile finishing

Flag finishing

Flag finishing

For flag and textile finishing, we offer a range of accessories; beachflag band elastic, flag band with fold, flag webbing extra firm, flag webbing ribbed, hem band unfolded, velcro Strip hook & loop,

velcro strip self-adhesive hook & loop, flag rope solid braided, flag leadcord, flagpole halyard rope, banner elastic rope round, snap hook, snap hook with webbing, d-ring and flag hook.

Flag band

Article nr. Thickness Description JPEG
A1340 115-200mm beachflag band elastic, black and white A1340
A1300 20-190mm flag webbing with fold, black and white A1300
A1310 190mm flag webbing extra firm, black A1310
A1320 150mm flag webbing ribbed, black A1320
A1331 120mm hem band unfolded, black A1331

Velcro strip

Article nr. Thickness Description JPEG
A3310 20-50mm velcro strip hook, black and white A3310
A3315 20-50mm velcro strip loop, black and white A3315
A3320 20-50mm velcro strip hook self-adhesive, black and white A3320
A3325 20-50mm velcro strip loop self-adhesive, black and white A3325

Ropes and cords

Article nr. Thickness Description JPEG
A4300 1-8mm flag rope solid braided, black and white A4300
A4310 8mm flag leadcord, white A4310
A4320 5mm flagpole halyard rope, white A4320
A6300 6-8mm banner elastic rope round, black and white A6300
A6350 3mm banner elastic rope round pes, white

Hooks and rings

Article nr. Thickness Description JPEG
A5330 25mm snap hook, black and white A5330
A5331 25mm snap hook with webbing, black and white A5331
A5320 30mm d-ring, black and white A5320
A5310 30mm flag hook, white A5310
A5340 30mm side release buckle male and female, black A5340
A5350 30mm slide buckle, black and white A5350

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