Main image Discover TTS Innovations at FESPA 2024

Discover TTS Innovations at FESPA 2024

Blackback UV FR: A groundbreaking material with superior blocking properties, suitable for UV printing, available up to 5 meters wide. Ideal for creating striking and long-lasting visuals. 

Polaris Stretch 195 Recycled FR: Made from 100% GRS certified 'post-consumer waste' recycled polyester yarns, this is the recycled variant of the successful Polaris Stretch 195 FR. A lightbox textile for direct sublimation with stretch in both length and width! 100% recycled PET and 100% wrinkle-free! Available in widths of 320 and 260 cm. 

Solar Range: With the Solar range, TTS introduces a set of six 100% PVC-free products that offer a sustainable and economical alternative to PVC-containing print materials. Suitable for UV, Latex, or Eco-solvent inks and for outdoor or indoor use. For large banners, but also for seamless wallpaper or roll-up banners. Some products are easily weldable and available in widths up to 5m. 

Blackback Soft Black FR: Deep black on the front with a black 'blackback' on the reverse side. The black coating on the back ensures that the fabric is opaque. An ideal solution if you need a large, deep black fabric without print! Very elastic and supple fabric, making it extremely suitable for textile frames. Available in 320 cm width. 

Flat strip PVC elastic Recycled: TTS, in collaboration with its supplier, has found a technical solution to recycle the bead 100% circularly after use. The flat strip can be recycled over and over again and has exactly the same properties as "virgin" PVC flat strip. With this solution, you can recycle up to 80% of the weight of a bead fabric in a circular manner. 

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