Main image New Blackback textile guarantees 100% block out

New Blackback textile guarantees 100% block out

TTS brings a new textile on the market which guarantees a 100% block out due to its black backside. Blackback is not only prettier than the conventional block out textiles with a white backside, but also more economical and it is available in more widths available. It is suitable for printing with direct dye sub, sublimation transfer and UV curable inks, it is very stable on any printer, has a minimal shrinkage and is seamless available up to 505 cm wide.

The alternative for block out textile with a white backside

The demand is growing for a better alternative for block out textile with a white backside. These textiles are lightproof, but in case of sublimation printing the imprint of the front can be seen vagely on the backside because of the sublimation ink's migration through the coating. Blackback is the answer of TTS. With Blackback there is no risk of ink migration, with a prettier outcome as a result. In addition, Blackback is more economic than variations with a white backside, because the white backside has an additional coating. Blackback is ideally suited for finishing of exhibition stands and textile frames where the wall – on which the textile frame hangs – is not uniform of colour or hangs in front of a window or other light source. With a normal banner textile in such case, the background and/or light will show through the textile. This is not the case with Blackback.

Printing with sublimation direct: vivid high quality prints up to 505 cm wide

Unlike other providers of block out textile, Blackback of TTS is suitable for direct dye sub and sublimation transfer with an extremely high colour range as a result. Printing with UV curable inks is also possible. Blackback can be carefully folded and is highly stable in length and width because it's pre-shrunk at a high temperature. Besides roll widths of 160, 252 and 320 cm is Blackback also available in 505 cm. No more seams when a width exceeds 320 cm is needed. This is ideal for retail, catering industry, stand construction and exhibition industry.

Technical characteristics of Blackback

  • 100% polyester knitted textile with ± 2% stretch in width and length
  • 100% block out
  • Very optical white front and black back
  • Environmentally friendly, 100% PVC free, REACH compliant, free of heavy metals
  • Total weight ± 250 g/m2- Fire resistant B1 and M1
  • Gently fold
  • Pre-shrunk and therefore highly stable in width and length in fixation or transfer calender
  • Backside does not delaminate during sublimation
  • Suitable for printing with direct dye-sub, sublimation transfer and UV
  • Available in 160, 252, 320 and 505 cm roll widths

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