Main image Printable non woven carpet of 820 gsm with anti-slip backing

Printable non woven carpet of 820 gsm with anti-slip backing

TTS brings a new promotional carpet to the market: Carpet 820. The number refers to the weight per square meter: 820 gram. The carpet has a 100% polyester non-woven front that is printable with every desired design by using sublimation transfer. Carpet 820 is cost-friendlier than 'normal' carpet and ideal for mats, exhibition carpets, catwalks and other promotional events.

High print quality: is beautiful, remains beautiful

The printing method by means of sublimation transfer is ideal for numerous promotional purposes: logo's, photographs and illustrations are printed dead-sharp and in very deep and vidid colours. This gives a high attention value.

Safety aspects

Not only the weight and printing quality are important unique selling points of the Carpet 820, safety is also one. The special backing ensures that the carpet lies perfectly flat and doesn't need to be taped to the floor, which can give a sloppy effect. It remains where it is, without the risk of slipping. In addition, the carpet meets the fire retardancy stand Cfl-S1 in accordance with EN 13501-1. This is one of the highest standards in the carpet industry and is similar to DIN 4102 – B1.

Available from stock, easy to cut to any size

Customers can be served quickly, because Texo Trade Services can deliver Carpet 820 from stock in rolls of 160 cm x 25 m. Carpet 820 can be cut to any size easily to use the carpet a for instance as promotional mat on a bar or counter. The flexibility of the product makes it suitable for many purposes and applications.

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