Main image Texo Trade Services builds energy-neutral production hall

Texo Trade Services builds energy-neutral production hall

In-house paper handling capacity 
TTS’s premises are already hugely complex, housing 1000 m2 of offices and showroom and 5000 m2 of warehouse space. The new production hall, which will house the paper winding/converting operations, means the company is ready for the future. An in-house paper processing capacity for sublimation and calendar protection paper of up to 330 centimetres wide will provide customers with a range of tangible benefits: a comprehensive stock of the best quality paper that is made in the EU using wood fibre from responsibly managed forests in compliance with FSC standards; having its own paper processing capacity so TTS can respond more quickly to customer demand and provide greater flexibility and delivery reliability, and being in a position to purchase full trucks of jumbo rolls in order to drive down procurement costs. 

Investing in an energy-neutral operation

TTS aims to lead the way in corporate social responsibility and environmental awareness. That is why it is investing in energy-neutral premises and in recycling its waste flows, in addition to minimising its use of product packaging. Just like the rest of its premises, the production hall is completely energy-neutral; 300 additional solar panels are being fitted to the structure. 

Storage for textiles (including printable ones) from Asia

As already stated, another 700m2 in the existing warehouse will be freed up for storage. This will be used to store the growing stock of imported textiles that are used for products such as flags, lightboxes and décor cloth. Combining competitive pricing with excellent and stable quality is the reason why TTS is handling ever-greater volumes of these textiles. Another reason is TTS’s high delivery reliability. Not only does operational excellence result in a high-quality product, it is also one of the core values at TTS.



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